Saturday, November 3, 2012

November 2012

Lindsay C. Walker
  • How did you get into doing covers and illustrations for The Phantom?
  • You have done work as a comics colourist, any tips regarding this process? Do you have any favorite colourists?
  • The pages you have previewed so far online from your graphic novel Tales From Half-World are wordless and work quite successfully on a worldless level. Do you find imagery for scenes come to you first or do the scenes grow out of writing a script?

Questions for Jodie and Elise
  • What makes editing a comic book or graphic novel different from editing a more traditional illustrated book?
  • Nicki Greenberg produced 100 pages of The Great Gatsby before taking it around to publishers, this seems excessive for a pitch, what are some more realistic parameters for pitch material?
  • What are some of your favorite scenes/pages from the books you have worked on?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Regrettably Rebecca Clements has had to withdraw from next week's LDA. In her place there will be a screening of a talk by a lively American lady cartoonist. Rebecca will be rescheduled for an LDA in the new year, stay tuned!
 Lily Mae Martin's talk will go ahead as planned.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Photos from the First LDA in May

Katie Houghton-Ward
Rebecca Hayes talking about her theatre design work    

About 20 people attended.
With that many people in Squishface, the windows steamed up!     

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Lily Mae Martin
Rebecca Clements
Questions for Lily Mae:
* As a painter, has graphic narrative always been part of your practice but you have only recently made it more public, or is it a completely new development in your work?
* You recently approached publishers in London, how did you find this experience and how healthy would you judge the options for graphic narrative there?
* What kind of pens do you like to use for your black and white work?

Questions for Rebecca Clements
* How has your sabbatical from webcomics been?
* What inspiration did you discover during your time in Japan and where do you think it is going to lead you?

Question for both Rebecca and Lily Mae
* You both have internet followers in the thousands, were there particular key individuals or moments that helped give you that extra bump of contacts, or has it simply been a slow incremental process the whole time?

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Portraits of September Ladies Drawing Auxiliary attendees by David Blumenstein. The slightly mad looking older gentleman in the bottom right corner was not an attendee, but a character David is working on.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Lee Lai (previously working as Marisa Lai)

Mandy Ord
Lee Lai and Mandy Ord are our guest speakers for September. 7pm, Thursday 27th.

Questions to ask Lee: 
  • Which train or tram line do you find the most inspiring for interesting overheard conversation?
  • You have been studying drawing at Victoria College of the Arts, how are you finding this? How open are your lecturers to your sequential work?
  • When did you start making animation? Is animation something you still plan to pursue or are you focusing primarily on drawing?

Questions to ask Mandy:
  • People are often intrigued by how you ink, do you use brushes, marker pens or a mixture of both?
  • Your comics used to feature white text on black speech bubbles but more recent comics have black text on white speech bubbles, what inspired this change?
  • You create a monthly three or four panel strip for Trouble magazine, how do you find the experience of delivering shorter, often gag based comics?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Jo Waite's sketches of Megan and Andrew

Khale McHurst's sketches of Megan

Khale McHurst's sketches of Scarlette

Laura Renfrew's sketches of Megan and Scarlette

Sarah Howell's sketch of Scarlette

Simone Bennett's sketch of Megan

Another sketch of Megan by Simone

Simone Bennett's sketch of Scarlette

Andrew Fulton's sketch of both Scarlette and Megan

David Blumenstein's sketches of Megan and Scarlette

Ive Sorocuk's sketches of Megan and Scarlette

Adam Parton's sketch of various audience and speakers. He seems practiced at drawing Megan's profile :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Megan Nairn
Scarlette Baccini

Megan Nairn and Scarlette Baccini are our guests for the August Ladies Drawing Auxiliary.

Questions to ask Scarlette:
Has she personally farted while practicing yoga, or has she only read about it?
How undead is Zombolette? If Zomolette had an unlimited supply of Daniel Radcliffe's would she live forever?

Questions to ask Megan Nairn:
Do you draw your comics from scratch using a cintiq (see comic "What a daaay") or are they partly hand drawn?
As your work is autobiographical, is it true that your soul left your body once after you ate too much chocolate?