Monday, July 29, 2013


Erin Hunting

Ele Jenkins

Erin and Ele gave great talks.

Erin gave us an insight into her work as an illustrator and the rumblings of ideas for a comic based on her humorous, cutely gross characters.

Ele gave an overview of her last two years slogging away at an epic fantasy graphic novel Soddenheim with her writing collaborator Andrew Milne. From world building to teaching herself digital colouring she has been on a steep learning curve. We look forward to seeing more of Soddenheim as it develops.


Marta Tesoro's much awaited talk.

Scarlette Baccini and Marijka Gooding talk about Caravan of Comics 2013
Cliodhna Lyons (aka Ztoical) drops by on her world tour!

Enormous line up for June 2013 LDA.

Squishface founding member, Marta Tesoro, talked illustration and animation freelancing.

Scarlette and Marijka talked about the inspiring/intimidating experience that was Caravan of Comics 2013.

Finally we had a surprise last minute guest speaker, Cliodhna Lyons, an Irish comic creator on a world tour to meet other cartoonists. If you (or a cartoonist you know) lives anywhere between Melbourne and Eastern Europe drop her a line to organise a meet up. As of writing she is due to turn up somewhere around Hong Kong and the Philippines soon.

It was an interesting evening that delved into the struggles of comic communities around the world. Also the nature of conventions.