Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Lily Mae Martin
Rebecca Clements
Questions for Lily Mae:
* As a painter, has graphic narrative always been part of your practice but you have only recently made it more public, or is it a completely new development in your work?
* You recently approached publishers in London, how did you find this experience and how healthy would you judge the options for graphic narrative there?
* What kind of pens do you like to use for your black and white work?

Questions for Rebecca Clements
* How has your sabbatical from webcomics been?
* What inspiration did you discover during your time in Japan and where do you think it is going to lead you?

Question for both Rebecca and Lily Mae
* You both have internet followers in the thousands, were there particular key individuals or moments that helped give you that extra bump of contacts, or has it simply been a slow incremental process the whole time?

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