Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Lee Lai (previously working as Marisa Lai)

Mandy Ord
Lee Lai and Mandy Ord are our guest speakers for September. 7pm, Thursday 27th.

Questions to ask Lee: 
  • Which train or tram line do you find the most inspiring for interesting overheard conversation?
  • You have been studying drawing at Victoria College of the Arts, how are you finding this? How open are your lecturers to your sequential work?
  • When did you start making animation? Is animation something you still plan to pursue or are you focusing primarily on drawing?

Questions to ask Mandy:
  • People are often intrigued by how you ink, do you use brushes, marker pens or a mixture of both?
  • Your comics used to feature white text on black speech bubbles but more recent comics have black text on white speech bubbles, what inspired this change?
  • You create a monthly three or four panel strip for Trouble magazine, how do you find the experience of delivering shorter, often gag based comics?

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