Australian female comics creators and cartoonists are visible, with lots of great work being produced and published, but they're not that audible. They are the quiet ones at comics meets, if they go to them at all.

In early 2012 Mandy Ord, Miranda Burton, Jo Waite and Sarah Howell were standing around at the Home Cooked Comics Festival in Northcote, Melbourne energetically talking about comics. Witnesses to this conversation suggested that they would like to hear lady cartoonists talk in depth about their work and "the industry" more often.

Ideas of a podcast circulated or a Drink and Draw Like a Lady type night, but we settled on a monthly event where lady cartoonists could present about their work in front of their peers and interested others, males included.

To the best of our knowledge this is the only forum in Australia outside of the Melbourne University's Graphic Narratives course that offers the opportunity for comics creators and illustrators to talk in-depth about their craft. 

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