Sunday, September 30, 2012

Portraits of September Ladies Drawing Auxiliary attendees by David Blumenstein. The slightly mad looking older gentleman in the bottom right corner was not an attendee, but a character David is working on.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Lee Lai (previously working as Marisa Lai)

Mandy Ord
Lee Lai and Mandy Ord are our guest speakers for September. 7pm, Thursday 27th.

Questions to ask Lee: 
  • Which train or tram line do you find the most inspiring for interesting overheard conversation?
  • You have been studying drawing at Victoria College of the Arts, how are you finding this? How open are your lecturers to your sequential work?
  • When did you start making animation? Is animation something you still plan to pursue or are you focusing primarily on drawing?

Questions to ask Mandy:
  • People are often intrigued by how you ink, do you use brushes, marker pens or a mixture of both?
  • Your comics used to feature white text on black speech bubbles but more recent comics have black text on white speech bubbles, what inspired this change?
  • You create a monthly three or four panel strip for Trouble magazine, how do you find the experience of delivering shorter, often gag based comics?