Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Round Up

October and November saw the LDA night transform into a drawing night proper, giving organiser Sarah Howell an end of year rest.

The biggest benefit of the drawing nights was the opportunity to chat about future event ideas.

19 speakers, and our first full year of programming!

Also we successfully pitched an event to the Melbourne Writers' Festival, Draw Like A Girl. This panel event saw Jo Waite, Katie Parrish and Lucy Knisley (US) talk about what they drew as children and how their art and interests have developed.

Another highlight was the last minute addition of Irish comic creator Cliodhna Lyons to the June event. Cliodhna is still touring the world and meeting other comic folk, follow her progress here:

LDA nights will recommence in February. Also based on the numerous discussions at LDA about watercolour technique we are planning a watercolour workshop.

Enjoy the summer break, keep drawing, and we will see you in the New Year!

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